At present we can find a wide variety of different honeys on the market, with very varied aromas, flavors and properties. Today we will show you what organic, bio or organic honey is, and why it is so in demand today.

What is organic honey?

Organic honey is that obtained from the blooms of fields with organic certification, which meet the requirements established by organic beekeeping.

These requirements are closely related to the environment of the hive and the rigorous controls that producers must pass to market the product as organic.

Regardless of what terminology is used to name it (organic honey, “bio” honey or organic honey), before putting this type of honey on sale, it is essential to have a certificate that guarantees its 100% organic origin.

miel ecológica

Properties of organic honey

Organic honey is a food rich in numerous vitamins and minerals, which provide multiple benefits to our health. Also, this antioxidant food is a great source of B complex vitamins, as well as vitamins C, D and E.

Among the most abundant minerals in organic honey we find:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Match

Benefits of organic honey

Thanks to its high percentage of sugars, organic honey is an ideal food in growth stages, in stages of great stress or for athletes. These sugars dissolve quickly in the blood, thus providing the natural energy that the body needs. 

Regulates blood sugar

Although it may seem otherwise, the truth is that honey regulates blood sugar levels. For this to happen, the existence of a balance between fructose and glucose is important.

El equilibrio entre ellas, facilita que esta última sustancia sea captada por el hígado. De este modo, se desarrolla el glucógeno, sustancia encargada de mejorar el funcionamiento de los órganos y tejidos. Así, no solo se mejora el funcionamiento de los órganos y tejidos; sino que además se reduce la glucosa, y con ello los niveles de azúcar en sangre. 

Miel ecológica

Decreased metabolic stress

Cualquier tipo de estrés, independientemente de su naturaleza (emocional, fisiológico o psicológico) se traduce en el organismo como estrés metabólico. Este concepto se basa en un proceso orgánico que permite ganar masa muscular. Dicho de otro modo, este proceso conduce a la hipertrofia muscular.

Any type of stress, regardless of its nature (emotional, physiological or psychological) is translated into the body as metabolic stress. This concept is based on an organic process that allows you to gain muscle mass. In other words, this process leads to muscle hypertrophy.

Likewise, honey not only helps to control stress, but also, thanks to the sugar, it also favors concentration. 

It enhances sleep quality

Did you know that honey helps you sleep better? This is because the glucose present in organic honey causes the brain to produce a lower amount of orexin, a substance related to insomnia, which facilitates the development of sleep.

Also, honey facilitates the production of tryptophan in the brain. Subsequently, this substance is converted into serotonin, which facilitates the development and balance of sleep.

Miel ecológica

In this sense, the truth is that there are various studies that analyze the implications of honey to promote sleep. Although it is true, the impact of this natural sweetener is especially analyzed in situations in which insomnia is linked to some other disease.

In any case, honey is considered a food to include in a nighttime routine to promote sleep as a complement to medical treatment; but in no case should it be a substitute for it.

Relieves throat discomfort

One of the most widespread uses of honey is undoubtedly the relief of throat discomfort and its use to alleviate coughs. Thus, for many years, this natural sweetener has been used to prevent and combat the symptoms of flu and colds; as well as some infections

Reduce constipation

Al ser un alimento prebiótico, la miel ecológica contribuye en la mejora de la flora bacteriana de forma natural. De este modo, ayuda a mejorar la salud digestiva de nuestro cuerpo.

Also, the laxative effect of honey is mainly due to fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which work in a similar way to fiber.

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