Today we can find in the market an infinity of different varieties of honey with very varied characteristics and properties.

Thus, we can find honeys with aromas, ranging from subtle to intense sweet or fruity aromas; flavors ranging from mild to bitter; and colors that can change from clear and almost transparent honey to very dark tones, as is the case with honeydew.

Next, we show you the difference between light and dark honeys, so that you can choose the variety that best suits us each time.

Characteristics of clear honey

The consumption of clear honey, such as acacia, orange blossom or flower honey, is recommended in situations in which we need to obtain energy.

For this reason, its consumption is especially recommended before or after physical activity, as well as in times where there is a lot of stress, such as exams or exhaustive work days.

Clear honeys have numerous beneficial health properties:

  • They provide energy
  • They are rich in vitamin A :, Also known as Retinol, this vitamin contributes to the maintenance and strengthening of the skin and epithelial cells.
  • Improve vision
  • Facilitate bone growth
  • They protect the body’s immune system.

In this way, thanks to its energetic and restorative properties, its consumption is recommended in athletes, the elderly and fatigued people.

Characteristics of dark honey

Por su parte, la miel oscura cuenta con numerosas propiedades antibacterianas y supone una importante fuente de minerales, como el fósforo, hierro o magnesio.

For its part, dark honey has numerous antibacterial properties and is an important source of minerals, such as phosphorus, iron or magnesium.

The truth is that dark honeys have multiple benefits, summarized below:

  • Numerous antibacterial properties
  • Rich in minerals
  • Source of vitamin B1: vitamin B1 or Thiamine, contributes to the maintenance of the heart, as well as the nervous system and even the digestive system.
  • Incredible source of vitamin C. This makes them an antioxidant food, that is, it prevents cell damage. Therefore, it is essential to avoid degenerative diseases.

What influences the color of honey

When it comes to color, the truth is that the shades of one honey or another vary remarkably depending on different factors.

Among them, the composition of honey is undoubtedly the most determining factor, since depending on the flower from which its pollen comes, its color varies enormously.

In addition, the color of the honey also depends on factors such as the season of the year in question or the climate of the area.

In this sense, the clearest honeys are found at the beginning of the year; while as the year progresses, the honeys get darker.

What kind of honey is better?

The truth is that there is no correct answer when deciding which type of honey is better or worse.

All honeys have beneficial properties for our health. Therefore, choosing a light or dark honey depends largely on what benefits you are looking for.

We must bear in mind that in the event that what we are looking for is to relax, relieve stress or sweeten a food, we could resort to any of them.

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