Honey is an alternative food to natural sugar, without additives, which adapts to all cooking processes and has an indefinite shelf life.

It is made by bees and stored in wax structures called honeycombs. It is used as a sweetener in a wide variety of foods, including baked goods, beverages, etc.

It is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to maintain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.

What is honey?

Almost everyone has heard of it, but most do not know exactly what honey is or how it is made.

In short, it is a sweet food made by bees using the nectar of flowers. Bees are the best known honey producer and they are the only insect that produces honey in quantity.

It is much more than a natural sweetener. It is a functional food, which means that it is a natural food with health benefits.

What does honey taste like?

Honey is a sticky, slimy material that is extremely sweet. It can also have a fairly floral, fruity, or woody flavor.

Depending on the type of honey or the type of flower, it is possible that a specific flavor can be distinguished. The number of types of honeys that we can find is surprising, so each one has a characteristic flavor.

The flavor of the different types of nectar honey can be classified into eight groups: floral, fruity, vegetable, aromatic, chemical, animal and warm, and include attributes such as spicy, balsamic, resinous, minty, alcoholic, medicinal, caramelized, smoked. already wax.

Composition of honey

It is composed mainly of fructose (38%), glucose (31%) and water (18%). In addition, it usually contains sucrose, maltose and other sugars. Honey is a combination of plant-based sugars with water.

But it is also composed of proteins and amino acids, between 0.2% and 2%, and contains vitamins, enzymes, hormones, organic acids and minerals. Despite its high sugar content, it is a great source of healthy energy taking the recommended daily amount.

Contains vitamins A, E, K, B1, B2, B6, Niacin, Vitamin C, pantothenic acid (B5), phenolic acids, fatty acids, apigenin, acacetin, abscisic acid, ferulic acid and carotenoids. All these components make it a complete, energetic and highly recommended food for people who want to eat a healthy diet.

How can we store it

  1. Always keep it in glass containers. This way it will not become impregnated with odors or attract insects. It is also recommended that the jar is closed.
  2. Adequate temperature. It should never be refrigerated and it is recommended to store it in a place where it does not receive the sun.
  3. It is possible to freeze it. If you have a considerable amount of honey, freezing it can be a good option and thus it will not lose its properties. To defrost it, we recommend the well-known water bath method, since it is not recommended to wait for it to defrost at room temperature.

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