hives in winter

Hives in winter

Hives in winter also suffer from winter cold and extreme temperatures. They are getting closer and closer to the big snowfalls and the temperatures are getting harder and harder to bear. Animals are intelligent and high temperatures in winter are no surprise to them either. In fact, the animals...

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collect honey

How to collect honey from the hive

Honey is collected through a very complex and elaborate artisan process. Therefore, this must be carried out by beekeepers who have a certain experience and knowledge. Next, we show you what the honey harvesting process consists of, a fundamental part of the honey production. Methods for collecting honey There...

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Honey as a substitute for sugar

There are many options to sweeten an infusion or a dessert, and we will surely wonder which is the healthiest, or the least harmful to health. Among them we can find honey. Honey is, in fact, another form of sugar. Although it has the same basic composition as other...

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Miel de azahar

Orange blossom honey

Depending on the origin of the nectar used in the production of honey, we can find numerous varieties of different honeys. Thus, we find orange blossom, rosemary, eucalyptus, acacia honey, etc. Likewise, each of them has different properties and benefits; as well as with its own flavor and texture....

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propriétés du miel

The properties of honey

Honey is a very complete food, rich in vitamins and nutrients, and it has many properties and benefits, which have been widely known and used throughout history. Thus, the properties of honey are very numerous. The truth is that this natural sweetener has numerous properties, ranging from relieving sore...

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making honey

The process of making honey

The process of making honey lasts approximately 45 days, where each bee develops a specific function. In this way, through teamwork, the correct development of the process is guaranteed, and therefore the creation of a high quality honey. Here we show you what this process consists of. How is...

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Does honey have an expiration date?

Sometimes we discard certain foods when we see that the expiration date indicated on the package has arrived. But have these products really expired? Very few foods are immune to the passage of time, which do not have an expiration date. Among them we find salt, sugar, rice and...

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