Nuestra gama Summer Farm

Summer Farm is a US market inspired brand created from a special blend of pure honey from flower nectar. Summer Farm has a delicious flavor and floral aroma, which is liked by adults and children.

It is a brand based on 100% pure, raw, organic, unfiltered, natural and delicious honey with a charming aroma.

Within Summer Farm we find four different types of honey: wild flower honey, acacia honey, orange blossom honey and our organic wild flower honey.

Summer Farm

It is a natural and healthy product, which can be consumed in many ways throughout the day: in biscuits, infusions, toast, etc.

Likewise, it is a food that provides energy naturally, so its consumption is recommended especially in people who exercise regularly, since it will help them to have a better performance.

What is raw honey?

Raw honey is that made without any industrial treatment, that is, it is honey in its purest and most natural form. It is honey as it is made by bees, free of transformations that modify its composition.

This product is rich in essential nutrients and is responsible for numerous beneficial health properties.

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Summer Farm Features

Apart from having a delicious natural flavor, our Summer Farm range also provides a pleasant aroma reminiscent of wild flowers. Regarding its color, it can range from a pale yellow to a dark amber depending on the geographical location and the existing seasonal conditions.

Summer Farm Features

  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory potential
  • Natural sweetener
  • Relieves cough and sore throat
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Promotes digestion
  • Protein source
  • Treatment of wounds and burns

In fact, a 2007 study, called the Penn State College of Medicine Trusted Source, suggested that honey reduces nocturnal cough and improves sleep quality in children with upper respiratory tract infection to a greater degree than anti-inflammatory medication. commonly used cough.

Our honey is packaged in Spain and the origin of its mixture is from Europe and South America.

Summer Farm Varieties

Within our delicious Summer Farm line, we can find 4 different varieties: Summer Farm Flores, Summer Farm Acacia, Summer Farm Naranjo and Summer Farm Bio.

Summer Farm Flores

Summer Farm Flores is selected from multiple flowers, it stands out for its sweet flavor and soft aroma, thanks to the fact that the bees have come to multiple spring flowers. Its color can vary in different shades of amber.

It is a perfect honey to sweeten drinks and dishes, ideal for the whole family. Therefore, it is a variety of honey that cannot be missing in the daily life of any home.


Summer Farm Flores Features

  • Soothes throat ailments: Thanks to its antioxidant properties, flower honey is a great ally against throat ailments.
  • Relieves stomach problems: Thanks to its natural enzymes, this honey facilitates the assimilation of food nutrients; thus helping to reduce stomach acidity.
  • Use as a natural antibiotic: The uses of this honey are very varied, since it can also be used to treat wounds and superficial cuts on the skin.
  • Effective against colds and respiratory problems: Again, thanks to its antioxidant properties, honey is a very effective natural remedy against throat irritations and respiratory tract infections.

Summer Farm Acacia

Monofloral acacia honey, made from the nectar of this flower. It is characterized by its mild flavor and its very light amber color.

Its natural properties and benefits are multiple. It is a highly recommended variety to relieve stomach problems, so it is highly advisable to always have it on hand and take a spoonful every morning at the beginning of the day.

Summer Farm AcaciaSummer Farm Acacia Features

  • Improves blood circulation: acacia honey raises red blood cells and platelets; thus improving blood circulation.
  • Reduces constipation: This is due to its antimicrobial and laxative properties, which reduce constipation and intestinal inflammation.
  • Ideal for sweetening: thanks to its mild flavor, acacia honey is ideal for sweetening foods without altering their flavor.
  • Calming effect: so it is ideal to combat stress and anxiety; as well as nervous disorders. In addition, this honey helps fight insomnia.

Summer Farm Naranjo

Monofloral orange or orange blossom honey, made from the nectar of the flowers of citrus trees, such as the orange or lemon tree. It has a pleasant citrus flavor on the palate and a light amber hue. Regarding its aroma, the truth is that it is a very aromatic honey, which has a great citrus character.

Although its harvest takes place in spring, it is consumed mainly in winter, as an ally against viruses and colds typical of the date.

Summer Farm NaranjaPropiedades de Summer Farm Naranjo

  • Fight colds: like other honeys, orange blossom honey is indicated for throat irritations, colds, etc.
  • Heal wounds and burns: Thanks to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, this honey is ideal for treating burns and superficial wounds.
  • Natural tranquilizer: The truth is that orange blossom honey has many calming properties, so its use is recommended for people with insomnia or situations of stress or anxiety.
  • Antioxidant effect: This honey helps protect the body against free radicals. Likewise, its continued consumption contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases.
  • Acts against cramps: Orange or orange blossom honey is indicated to relax tense muscles and relieve the pain of involuntary muscle contractions.

Summer Farm Bio

Honey obtained from a wide variety of rigorously selected flowers, from fields and beehives with organic certification and that meets all the requirements of organic beekeeping.

Summer Farm Bio

Summer Farm Bio Features

  • Natural sweetener: It is a natural alternative to sugar, which can be used to sweeten many foods.
  • Strengthens the immune system: honey has numerous enzymes that help protect the body against free radicals, thus contributing to strengthening the immune system.
  • Source of vitamins and minerals: Unlike artificial sweeteners, organic honey has numerous vitamins and minerals beneficial to health.
  • Calming effects: A cup of milk with a teaspoon of honey before bed will help us rest better.

Summer Farm encompasses a wide variety of honeys created from the pure nectar of flowers, giving it a characteristic flavor and aroma that all kinds of people fall in love with.