We have returned from SIAL Paris and after recapitulating all that we have lived we have taken stock. It has been a very intense day, where the hours passed without realizing it. But despite the fatigue we come with the batteries charged thanks to all of you. SIAL, exporting honey from Spain.
SIAL is not only a benchmark for the food sector, but also allows us to get closer to suppliers and customers. It is an opportunity to get together with those who are already part of our team, and of course, we always come loaded with new ideas and proposals.
If we know something at each fair, it is without you that we could not advance as we do. Trust us and give us ideas for new projects. Undoubtedly, time always seems short and we would like to spend more time with each one. So thanks


It is always a pleasure to tell us that you receive the efficiency for which we work so hard. We work daily so that our honey has the highest quality. In addition, we guarantee all certifications: FDA, BRC, IFS, Kosher and Halal.
You are more and more interested in the flower honey of MAES HONEY and you recommend us. And this year it has been exciting to see how the demand for our acacia honey is growing, as there are many of you who have interested us in the fair. But also, you have had a special mention for our Spanish forest honey. Therefore, we can not be happier. We will continue exporting honey from Spain to the five continents.


Thank you for all your visits, we love your satisfaction. It is about creating long-term relationships and with you we are achieving it.
We also appreciate all the new proposals that have been made to us, and of course, we are studying them to expand our family.