In the schools on January 30, the School Day of Peace and Nonviolence is celebrated. He has been practicing in schools around the world for 36 years. It is celebrated on the date that Gandhi, a spiritual leader who symbolizes the world’s peaceful resistance, was killed. School Day of Peace and Non Violence

Environment of peace and nonviolence

On the one hand, various school activities are carried out around the message of nonviolence. On the other hand, children, young people and their families are reflected on different topics. Among them: respect, love, justice, freedom, equality, tolerance, responsibility, honesty … and the defense of human rights.

To promote the culture of peace, it must be done from the base of education, in which educators and families play a fundamental role.

From Maes Honey we support all educators and families that train children and youth in an environment of peace and nonviolence.


Life in the hive is a good example of fellowship. Your organization is respectful, each bee has its roll and all are important, respected and valued. We encourage you to be like bees. Remember, We must not harm the people around us. We have to take care of others as we would like them to take care of us..

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