Press article of “Salamanca is reactive” with César Redondo, CEO of Maes Honey.

Salamanca is reactivated, with Maes Honey. “We’ve always been highly demanding with all the honey we sell”, says Maes Honey’s manager. César Redondo explains the situation of international markets and the relationship of its new product with them, the ecological honey of the highest quality.
As we already know Maes Honey is a business reference in our region. That is why your manager is committed to effort, work and quality, to move forward amid the difficult situation left by the pandemic.
As the main exporter of honey, its trade relationship has logically been affected with the current situation of the destination countries. This means providing new solutions, always being up-to-date and being very demanding with quality. They have been working on organic honey since the end of the year. This project has been delayed by The Covid-19 and will begin its launch from July.
The demand of customers and their continuous desire to innovate has led them to develop this new line of honey. “I’m sure consumers will love it, it’s a honey we’ve paid a lot of attention to”, says César Redondo.
This new ecological honey certification is one more to add to those they already own (IFS, BRC, FDA, Kosher and Halal), but it comes with the plus of further increasing pressure in the chain, with strict control from the time the honey is purchased from the producer to the packaging so that the consumer has no doubts. Organic honey is highly appreciated and requires the most special environments, care and management of beekeeping.
A new product launch that has coincided with the return of the new normal in Spain and that will be very attractive and appreciated for the market.
Salamanca is reactivated, with Maes Honey. Maes Honey is committed to a healthy environment and the revival of the economy.
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