It is always important to remember the work that Pyfano does. For those who do not know them: It is an Association of Parents, Relatives and Friends of Oncological Children of Castilla y León. They started their activity in Salamanca. But due to the great work  that they are doing, this association is spreading to neighboring cities. Pyfano needs sweet support.
Unfortunately, this disease is still a nightmare and for the moment there is no cure. So its mission is to improve the quality of people. They are a great support for the sick person and their families. For example, with the visit of the volunteers, they see their children smile because of games, they can also share a coffee and talk about what happens outside the hospital. And one important act is to share experiences with other people who lived this situation. In short, its goal is to find a solution to psychological, work, school or economic problems.
They dream that one day everything will be part of a memory and the research will eradicate the disease. But for the moment they do not stop performing acts. So that, the snail (its logo) reaches further and further away.
We should not wait to be the day against cancer or the day against childhood cáncer to remember this cause. For this reasons, every day we must keep in mind that our help is needed.

The golden color, symbol of childhood cancer

Since 1978, the golden ribbon is the symbol that represents childhood cancer patients. This color was chosen to honor his courage in the fight against sickness. Representing the color of Hope. This common symbol has allowed us to build a joint image of this problema. Thus strengthening its visibility and social impact.
And this year Chilhood Cancer International has proposed the challenge of painting two golden stripes on the face. And take a picture with the best of smiles to hang on social networks with the #PaintGold hangstag and thus raise awareness about this horrible disease

MAES HONEY and Pyfano

Since we met this association we can only have words of encouragement and gratitude for what they bring to society.
In Salamanca a mandatory appointment is to attend its annual charity gala. Basically, it is for the protagonists of the houses: Children. It is a gala full of performances in which children interact. And the adults can return to the childhood. Besides, as a climax, after the performance there are inflatables for children and meal for everyone. And for those who dare to collaborate more can buy their cups or bracelets.
Finally, we wanto to  remark that every year Salamanca’s participation increases. And, of course, we have been attending for years and promoting attendance at this fun and supportive activity.