Private Label

Private Label

You name it, we package it: MAES HONEY, specialists in distributor brands

MAES HONEY offers complete distributor brands programmes, both for the retail market and for foodservice. The products packaged in this process are developed in close collaboration with the client. Comprehensive solutions with 360º service are offered in preparation and packaging, often resulting in a long and fruitful commercial relationship for both parties.

Packaging under distributor brands is synonymous with large volumes and high quality, and thanks to large inventories, global demand is provided for, complying with orders on previously determined dates. A constant goal is always pursued: the full satisfaction of our clients.

Flower Honey 350g Squeeze bottle

Flower Honey 450g Squeeze bottle

Flower Honey 750g Squeeze bottle

Flower Honey 450g Glass Jar

Flower Honey 500g Glass Jar

Flower Honey 700g Glass Jar

Flower Honey 900g Glass Jar

Flower Honey 1Kg Glass Jar