Mis Colmenas Honey

Mis Colmenas Honey

Since 1942, Mis Colmenas has spent three generations working in apiculture, and is able to create an incredible range of honey of unquestionable quality.

The precision and order which rule over a hive are essential for creating a quality honey. The movements of the bees, the unquestionable leadership of the queen and a secure home, the hive, are the three ingredients that must be included and maintained day after day so that different types of honey are the best. These are the aims and fundamental pillars for Mis Colmenas, leading brand of MAES HONEY, one of the most important honey exporters at the global level.


Flower Honey 350g Squeeze bottle “Mis Colmenas”

Flower Honey 450g Squeeze bottle “Mis Colmenas”

Flower Honey 900g Glass Jar “Mis Colmenas”

Flower Honey 1kg Glass Jar “Mis Colmenas”