Honey Las Abejas

Las Abejas Honey

The wide variety of flora and the different types of bees found in the Iberian Peninsula allow Las Abejas to offer an unique and exclusive honey.

Thus, honouring and representing the values these insects stand for, Las Abejas is born, the greatest beekeeping production in Spain and one of the most important internationally. Lovers of the best honey and faithful followers of a tradition born in 1910 which has been passed on from generation to generation for more than a century, this production comprises a range of honeys of supreme quality thanks to the utmost care taken during the production process, from the attention and diligence when taking care of the hives to the exquisiteness of its packaging.

Flower Honey 1kg Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Forest Honey 1kg Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Acacia Honey 1kg Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Flower Honey 450g Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Flower Honey 500g Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Flower Honey 700g Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Flower Honey 900g Glass Jar “Las Abejas”

Flower Honey 350g Squeeze bottle “Las Abejas”

Flower Honey 450g Squeeze bottle “Las Abejas”