Bonapi Honey

Bonapi Honey

Aware of the passion which honey awakens, Bonapi focuses on a unique and exclusive production, offering a honey whose quality and variety stand out. Its eagerness to preserve tradition has made it into one of the essential brands in global markets. Bonapi Honey.

The wide variety of flowers and trees enjoyed by the Iberian Peninsula allows MAES HONEY to create a honey which is unique in the world. An extraordinary selection of components combined in a distinct and demanding manner make Bonapi honey an irresistible product.

Flower Honey 1Kg Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Forest Honey 1Kg Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Acacia Honey 1Kg Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Flower Honey 450g Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Flower Honey 500g Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Flower Honey 700g Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Flower Honey 900g Glass Jar “Bonapi”

Flower Honey 350g Squeeze bottle “Bonapi”

Flower Honey 450g Squeeze bottle “Bonapi”

Cubo 1kg de Plastic Bucket “Bonapi”

Cubo 2kg de Plastic Bucket “Bonapi”

Cubo 3kg de Plastic Bucket “Bonapi”