From MAES HONEY we want to send our encouragement to all those brave people who are fighting against this disease, and to their relatives and friends who support them in the day to day. Our support for all fighters.
One in three men and one in four women will be diagnosed with cancer throughout their lives. Each year the incidence of cancer increases in Spain, but also decreases its mortality. The World Cancer Day has been instituted or the day of the fight against cancer on February 4.
Our support and admiration to all the people who fight for their life. Every day is a constant struggle, but the  effort will have been worth it, when they manage to recover theri tranquility.
Although they are hard times, the road becomes sweter with the love of their loved ones.

Our support for all fighters,  it is not the moment to surrender,

We know it is a difficult time and only you can really understand this situation, but it is not the moment to surrender, it is time to continue fighting because the sweet of the live best is yet to come!
At the end of the road awaits a sweet reward.