Organic honey, also called Bio, is that which has been obtained from the blooms of the fields with organic certification and that complies with the protocol required by organic beekeeping.

Likewise, the honey obtained in these fields must have the corresponding certification that guarantees it. 

Characteristics of organic honey

Organic honey has numerous characteristics regarding the hives, the quality of the honey, etc., that differentiate it from conventional honey: 

  • The location of the apiaries: The ecological hives must be located far from urban areas, extensive cultivation areas, or anywhere where there may be contamination. Therefore, they are usually located in wild or mountain areas. Thus, organic beekeepers will be able to guarantee the purity of honey much better. 
  • Composition of the hive: the hives must be made in a completely natural way, that is, they cannot contain any petroleum derivative or any other product that could be harmful to bees.
  • The feeding of the bees: To obtain the certification of organic honey, it is essential that the bees feed only on the honey and pollen that they themselves produce. In this way, you should avoid feeding the bees with glucose or any other flavor enhancer or coloring, since they can alter the final taste of the honey, at the same time that it loses quality. 
  • Treatment of pests and diseases: Before any plague or disease; As well as during preventive cures in the hive, natural treatments should be used, such as oxalic acids, thymol or other similar ecological products. In this way, chemical products, insecticides or antibiotics should never be used, since these would pass to honey and later to people.
  • The extraction of organic honey: the honey extraction process is always done cold, at the same temperature as the hive; using the decantation technique for this. Also, in order not to lose its properties, organic honey is carefully filtered; avoiding in any case the pasteurization of honey. It is a very important process, since in it the aromas and substances that characterize organic honey are obtained. On the other hand, care must be taken to respect and carefully follow all existing regulations related to the quality of honey. 

Therefore, this honey differs in multiple factors from conventional honey. The way of caring for the hive, the quality and purity of the honey obtained, the necessary care, the care of the process, etc., are important factors.

In addition, this honey requires qualified beekeepers who take care of it throughout the year and take care of the hive. 

How to recognize it

Following the existing regulations, bio honey must be packaged with specific and differentiating labeling. This way, anyone can easily identify you just by looking at the logo.  

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that artisan honey is not the same as organic honey. This means that a product can be handmade, but not for that ecological.

Therefore, care must be taken not to get confused when buying. Always look for the logo that certifies that it is certified organic honey.

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