Differences between hive and honeycomb

Honey is a delicious delicacy made by the bees in their hive. But do you know the difference between a hive and a honeycomb? Do you know why honeycombs are hexagonal? Many times there is confusion between both concepts, so in this post we will show you the difference...

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How is honey classified?

Today we can find a multitude of different varieties of honey, rich in vitamins and minerals. But do you know how they are classified? Below we show you the different ways in which this delicious natural sweetener is classified, taking into account areas such as its origin, the form...

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light honey

Differences between light and dark honey

Today we can find in the market an infinity of different varieties of honey with very varied characteristics and properties. Thus, we can find honeys with aromas, ranging from subtle to intense sweet or fruity aromas; flavors ranging from mild to bitter; and colors that can change from clear...

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miel cristalizada

Why does honey crystallize?

Today we can find on the market a wide variety of honeys with different colors, aromas and properties. In this way, we can also find cases in which the honey is not liquid, but is crystallized. Do you know why honey crystallizes? Next, we show you why this process...

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Maes Honey placas solares

Maes Honey is committed to sustainability

At Maes Honey we have installed photovoltaic panels on our roof. Our latest innovation was the upgrade of the water osmosis plant to be more environmentally friendly. But we continue working to advance and this year we have installed the solar panels. Due to our beekeeping origins and our...

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honey export

Maes Honey leads the export of honey in Spain

With more than 100 years of experience, Maes Honey has become the leading honey export company in Spain. Values ​​such as perseverance, effort and tradition have been key to achieving this position. Leaders in the export of honey For 20 years, Maes Honey has been exporting honey to more...

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What is honeydew

To make honey, bees use nectar from flowers. However, there are some honeys that do not come from this flower nectar, or not only from that nectar. This is the case with honeydew. Honeydew is made from nectar from trees such as cork oak, oak, etc. In this way,...

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uses of honey

Different uses of honey

Honey has been used since ancient times, to treat all kinds of conditions in the body. In fact, thanks to the existing medical evidence on its properties, this natural ingredient is one of the few natural remedies accepted by the medical community. Here we show you what are the...

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Maes Honey

Maes Honey, get to know our company

At Maes Honey we have been master beekeepers since 1910. The effort, perseverance and a tradition that involves the last four generations of the family have been the keys for more than a century for the company to have gone from being a family business to one of the...

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The moisture of honey

The humidity level when bees collect nectar from flowers is around 80%. Throughout the process of collecting the nectar and making the honey, this percentage is reduced to below 20%. Next, we show you everything you need to know about the humidity of honey, and how to identify it....

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