Miel para sector Horeca

Honey for the Horeca sector

At Maes Honey we have a wide range of formats specially designed for the HORECA line (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering). The properties and benefits of a food like honey are widely known to most cooks. We are facing one of the best and healthiest natural sweeteners. Its flavor combines...

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La miel como antioxidante

Honey as an antioxidant

Honey has a series of components with antioxidant properties: phenolic compounds, flavonoids, vitamin C, etc., which are provided by plants whose nectar and pollen have been harvested by bees. Different honeys will have different antioxidant capacity. Since ancient times, honey has been used as a medicine. The Chinese, Egyptians,...

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El negocio de la miel en Europa

The honey business in Europe

The honey business in Europe has increased in recent years. Honey is a natural food and this, added to the global demographic increase since a large part of the population is inclined towards healthy foods and not industrially manufactured, led to the consumption of the most famous product made...

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Tomar miel en Navidad

Reasons to eat honey at Christmas

We are already well into Christmas. A time of excesses, endless and unhealthy binges, also accompanied by winter and cold, which means flu, cough and general discomfort. But Christmas also brings with it good wishes and the spirit of solidarity that we all carry within. For this reason, for...

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Beneficios de la miel en invierno

Benefits of honey in the winter

Honey, the food that has remained practically unchanged throughout history. A product that sweetens milk, yogurt or a dessert, but it also sweetens the body. It is one of the healthiest foods we can eat during winter. And it is that in addition to being able to be used...

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honey daily

How much honey daily is recommended to take?

Honey is one of the purest and most natural foods with the greatest amount of benefits on our health, but its consumption should be moderate. We tell you what exactly is the daily amount of honey that is recommended to take. In 2014 the WHO published several recommendations which...

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Honey, a natural product with an international presence

Honey is miel, med, mel, miele Honey is a natural product whose presence is spread out throughout the whole planet. This can be attributed to both its curative, medicinal and preventive properties and its huge nutritional value. While the usage of honey in some cultures adheres to honey-based household...

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Redondo: The beekeeping tradition

Redondo: The beekeeping tradition. Everything began when Manuela and Esteban.  The grandparents of the current general manager, Cesar Redondo, started to be excited about the apicultural world.Treating a product like natural honey with delicacy was essential for Manuela. A big challenge for Esteban was to continue the tradition with...

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