Newspaper article, VII Awards for best Director: Enrique santero, export director of Maes Honey.

Maes Honey sweetens 35 countries with their honey. It is among the top 10 honey packers in Europe. Much of the blame for Enrique Santero, a degree in Economics from the University of Salamanca.
Enrique Santero joined this family business in Aldeatejada (Salamanca) in 2012, dedicated to the production of honey. The department consisted of two people with a foreign trade focused on bulk selling to a dozen countries.
In these eight years he has specialized the company in packaging experts, in white label and in export. Maes Honey is the main operator of the sector in Spain.
In addition, the company has managed to market its products in complicated markets. Through a precise methodology, it has standardized processes and increased their effectiveness. Participate regularly in the most important international fairs.
“We have developed new products for the industries that use honey… and has allowed us to get important national and international clients,” says Enrique Santero.
Maes Honey also continues to incorporate export commercials to reinforce a new line that will allow the production of monoflora varieties and start the manufacture of creamy honey. A product in high demand in central and northern Europe.

Maes Honey sweetens 35 countries with their honey.

Honey with quality certifications and the highest ratings that guarantee the export of 80% of Maes Honey’s production. As a result, the tons of honey processed and their compassion for Europe increase.
Santero advances: “The company’s goal in 2025 is to stay in the Top 10 packers in Europe, with a presence in 40 countries.”
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