For three years, the group has been holding conferences prior to the day of the working woman. This year, they celebrated “The Third Days of Women” from the 14th to the 26th of February. These days have been composed of 4 lectures-conferences and a final cocktail, all of them held in the Conference Room of Caja Laboral in Calle Zamora, at 7:30 p.m. Maes Honey in the III Conference of women.

Participate in the women who move the economy of Salamanca and province. The title of this year “Woman: technological dependencies and their consequences in the different stages of life”.

Each talk-conference was formed by 3 or 4 speakers who briefly discussed the topic. From there came the talks in which you could participate.

The themes that have been published are: February 14 “Our children and the correct learning with new technologies”, February 21 “Our adolescents and new technologies: additions and legal responsibility” and February 26 “Woman, mother and businesswoman online. “And they closed the cards with a final cocktail.

The women who move our economy

Maes Honey has participated in this event, sending our shopping director, Laura Maíllo, who moves with firm step around the world. We can not give a better example of how the women of our company move the economy of Salamanca.

On the one hand, we have the largest honey shipment plant in Spain and the most modern in Europe. On the other hand, our company is the only one in the Spanish apiculture sector with all the Quality and Food Safety certifications with the best grades (IFS, BRC, FDA, Kosher, etc.).

Maes is the main packer and exporter of honey from Spain. We move the Salamanca economy towards the 5 continents and a large part of it.

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