Maes Honey is in “8 ideas to succeed in 2019” organized by the magazine Castilla y León Económica. It is taken place at the Valladolid Fair. Besides it is open  to all the public, previous inscription. The event consists of presentations of the Castilian business presidents. They will give people their help about the following topics:
• Export – MAES HONEY
• Human resources – GSK
• Internationalization – Grupo Empresarial Tecozam
• Diversification – Agropal Agroalimentary Group
• R + D + i – DGH
• Marketing and social networks – bodegas Familiares Matarromera
• Productivity / Efficiency – RenaultNissan Consulting
• Digital transformation / Industry 4.0 – Sothis
As you can check the companies are very important and the speakers will show their experience. They have lived good and bad moments in their positions and this is really usefull for the public. Of course, at the end the atended public will have time for questions. And for finishing the day of all them will enjoy an appetizer.
sure this experience will be enriching for the public and the speakers.

Maes Honey participates advising on Exportation

César Redondo, general director and owner of MAES is in charge of representing the company as an exporter. He knows first-hand the disagreements of opening up to the outside. MAES began its export journey thanks to the innovative impetus and above all to its desire to fight and overcome. But César also remembers the advice he received and that helped him so much; and that’s why he wants to participate in this initiative. Listening to the adversities that have to be overcome makes them less afraid of facing them, and much more if we see that the result was fruitful, and that our honey is currently present in more than 30 countries in the 5. In conclusion, MAES stands out for the constant work focused on satisfying the value chain

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