It sold 4.3 million kilos of honey to other countries in 2019, with a turnover of 18.6 million euros.

News: Maes Honey, honey export leader in Spain!. The company ranks in the top 10 of Europe’s packers. This is a very important step in the beekeeping sector.
2019 has been a difficult year for the sale of honey outside our borders, so the importance of Maes’ work. It has managed to maintain the international presence of this sector by bringing the rich nectar to more than 30 countries.
Maes Honey has the largest honey packaging plant in southern Europe. It is an innovative, competent, flexible and fast company when it comes to serving its product to its customers. Most importantly, this is reflected in its annual figures.
Being a leader in honey exports in Spain has intended to get a turnover of 18.6 million euros. Maes Honey stands out for making a commercialization of honey of high quality and prestige. Therefore, it is guaranteed and endorsed with the highest qualifications in international quality certifications.
In conclusion, this quality and good work is reflected in the 4.3 million kilos of honey sold outside Spain. This accounts for 80% of the total exports from Salamanca, 66% from the whole of Castilla y León and almost 20% of the honey exported from the national territory.
In this way, the effort of all those who work day by day in this company to have the deserved national and international prestige is rewarded.
We left yesterday’s publication in the Gazette.

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