MAES HONEY is consolidated as a leader in the export of honey in Castilla y León. The end of 2,018 has been difficult for the apicultural sector in Spain. In spite of this, it has been demonstrated that with his effort and perseverance he has returned to get his honey from Salamanca to countries of the most varied. “In the top ten of our 2.018, sales to European countries still predominate, but among the top ten we also find countries that have more and more shares such as North America or Arab countries.” says Enrique Santero, director of export at MAES HONEY. MAES HONEY exports 76% of Salamanca’s honey
Referring to its internationalization MAES HONEY has known how to adapt to globalization. It has also adapted its facilities to the needs that the market has had at all times. In addition, it is not satisfied with having the largest and most modern packaging plant in southern Europe. But he is installing three new packaging lines. And it is already making plans to expand its facilities and have the largest factory in Europe. This means that it has a presence in 34 countries. And that in the last year I had a production of approximately 7 million kilos of honey.

The maximum demand and the firm commitment to the quality of honey

In addition, they have increased their quality control with more than 300,000 analytical tests in 2,018. Guaranteeing all its honey with the latest generation methods such as NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance). This demonstrates a purity of 100% honey. They also offer their customers maximum food safety. Having international quality certifications such as: IFS, BRC, FDA, Kosher or Halal.

These excellent figures are achieved by their constant focus on quality. According to its director, César Redondo: “We have a clear customer orientation, which means that we need the best suppliers and we work with reference laboratories worldwide.” We are the only company in Spain that guarantees all certifications with the highest qualifications. What results in the customer having total confidence in our 100% natural honey. “

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