Maes Honey at the Aldeatejada Bee-keeping Fair. One more year Maes Honey has assisted the “Apiculture Fair of Aldeatejada, Castilla y León, Spain”. It is a space dedicated to professionals of honey and derived products. In addition, this year has had 43 specialized stands. There are many beekeepers who have attended the Fair.
On the other hand, they have shared space with another 55 positions dedicated to food, for the enjoyment of the attending public. Products such as hams, cheeses, nougat, wafers …

Eighth edition of the Fair

The exhibition areas have been differentiated, the first has been dedicated to beekeeping professionals and the second to agro-food companies. The Fair, which has been active all weekend, closed its eighth edition yesterday afternoon. It has been a great opportunity to let the public know the importance of the professionals of our beekeeping and the quality of their products.

Maes Honey at the Aldeatejada Bee-keeping Fair.

Maes Honey, the main exporter of honey from Spain, is a family business over 100 years old that appreciates the exhaustive work of our beekeepers. They make their products with great enthusiasm and exceptional quality. For them, we have the largest honey packaging plant in Spain and the most modern in Europe.