Without water you can do nothing, universal access to water.

International Water Week is one of the most important annual events for global water problems.
From Maes we know that water is the key to future prosperity and that, together, we can achieve a world that conserves water.
We must all take part in the decision-making chain to strengthen water governance and ensure proper water management. The most precious resource that the planet gives us is fundamental to ecosystems and human development.
The importance of water in irrigation, the fertilization of fields, protection against pests, the planting and cultivation process are closely related to pollination. Pollination is one of the keys to crop success and is only possible with the invaluable help of bees.

The importance of water to our bees

There are two things for which bees need water. The first, of course, is food, since the food that nurse bees provide to young, composed of honey and pollen, also carries a high percentage of water. The second is to refresh the hive.
During the summer months the bees need water to cool the hive. Since the temperature inside must remain in the environment of thirty-five degrees, so that the wax honeycombs do not deteriorate.
The pecasing bees take water in ponds, ditches, puddles etc., and haul it to the hive, where they store it inside empty cells.
Other bees are placed at the entrance of the hive and, looking inward, start flapping the wings, as if it were a fan. In this way, they make the air circulate from inside the hive and, when the stored water evaporates, the temperature drops.
International Water Week. Bees are great allies of the water, let us remember the mythical words that are said: “If the bees disappear, man would have four years left on Earth”.
The relationship of bees, water and humanity has been very fruitful, especially for us.

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