It is in 1974 when the UN decides to pay tribute to the Environment. It assumes a global commitment to protect our Planet. International Environment Day.

Each World Environment Day focuses on a topic with which to raise awareness.

Today June 5, 2019 the day focuses on the fight against air pollution.

We know that it is important that the air we breathe is good, pollution affects our health and we can all do something to improve air quality.

The Environment and the Bees

International Environment Day

Animals are also affected by this pollution. Specifically, bees are threatened by pesticides. Their disappearance puts the pollination of crops at risk. In addition, environmental contamination inhibits the pollination of bees. Therefore, not only would the production of honey decrease, but at the same time they would disappear and with them many flowers, plants and trees.

We must all collaborate to conserve a planet of which we are proud to leave our children.

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