Today being the international day of happiness we could not forget what is celebrated. In life there are good times and others that are not so good, but you have to face the challenges. If something stands out MAES is to overcome adversity. Our duty is to sweeten the world with the best honey accompanied by a smile. Therefore, celebrate life and enjoy what it offers.
Remember that small moments can make a difference and are what can transform a normal day into exceptional

The origin of this day.

This day was established in 2010 and the proposal was by Alfonso Becerra (Colombian).
The goal is to stop before the busy routine and reflect on our life. Although there are complicated moments it is important to remember the joy to have strength and make the most of every moment.
We wanted to remember that we must take advantage of moments with family and friends, as well as the importance of laughing and being happy. Another factor that is emphasized is the positivism to see the life of another color.
Therefore, we must remember that every moment is important. And it is advisable to enjoy with those around us, sharing all happiness.

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