Today, May 20, International Bees Day is celebrated.

For a long time, our very applied and intelligent bees have benefited people, plants and the planet.
They must be valued and taken care of, because pollination depends on them, a fundamental process for the survival of ecosystems and for the production and reproduction of many wild crops and plants.
Not only do they contribute directly to food security, but they are also indispensable for conserving biodiversity. This is the cornerstone in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.
They also serve to alert us to new environmental risks, indicating the health of local ecosystems.
From Maes we work very closely supporting beekeepers and bees, therefore we support the sector and its importance. Thanks to its honey and the care of bees we are present in many countries.
That rich and sweet honey of high quality with which in 2019 we have been leaders of honey export in Spain.
The number of bees is shrinking drastically. Between 20 and 35% of European bees disappear each year. We cannot let this happen, we will make more sustainable production and consumption of beekeeping products and global awareness of climate change. Let’s protect biodiversity.
Let’s save the bees!

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