At MAES HONEY we like to be part of the formation of our society. Therefore, one year more we have participated with this excellent business school. And as it is deserved theIME academic course says goodbye.
But this farewell is just one until soon. Many students are still working on their TFM. The faculty is already preparing the new course, they are reviewing how the subjects have worked. And it is studied if companies demand a new profile or if markets continue to demand the training offered at this school.
The first steps if IME were hard but they have demonstrated their involvement in the business sector. And the results back them up. His dedication has led to more and more companies and students trusting them every year So we send our congratulations.


Our close relationship with this business school allows us to know their work in different areas.
Part of our staff entered MAES due to the investment we made. In IME you are invited to pay for the master’s degree of new students to proceed to sign a scholarship-contract and the result is that today they are members of our staff.
How could it be otherwise our director has completed his excellent master’s degree for managers.
And in turn, due to the wide variety of Masters offered, some of our veteran workers expanded their knowledge with their training for executive or senir staff.
Also, another factor that we are very proud of is that IME has our Director of sales and export (Enrique Santero) and our Director of purchases and imports (Laura Maillo) to teach some subjects. In this way we not only share our practical knowledge, but with this active participation we corroborate the training technique based on business reality.