There are many workshops that we do with children. We explain the importance of taking care of bees. From Maes Honey we take our knowledge to classrooms and shopping centers. We teach them everything we have learned about honey, its elaboration and its multiple properties. Honey workshops, Maes Honey

Honey workshops, Maes Honey

We must start at the beginning to maintain a sustainable world. Therefore, it is so important to educate our children in the love of nature, bees and the exquisite products they give us. In the workshop we explain the different types of honey.

Types of honey:

  • Multifloral honey: It is obtained from the nectar of many flowers. So depending on the crops, colors, flavors, etc. may vary Although they are from the same area, the taste is very soft and sweet. Its color is golden and the tones are not very dark.
  • Honey honey or forest: Produced by bees from secretions of other insects, plants or trees, such as pine. Its color is dark and a bit bitter.
  • Monofloral honey: The nectar that bees drink is almost all of the same species of flower. There are infinite flowers, but in Spain the most common are the following: heather honey, oak, rosemary, orange blossom, eucalyptus.

All the honeys are different. Each one has its color and flavor. The most important thing to know is that honey should always be consumed pure. If one day we find a hard or crystallized honey nothing happens, but quite the opposite is a very good sign. That means that the honey is of very good quality. In fact there are honeys that are from many years ago and can still be eaten.

So, we thank all the people and children who come to our workshops to learn everything about honey and its small creators, the bees.

Thank you.

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