Honey is our ally on these dates to be able to take care of ourselves.

It is also much more present than we think, especially in our traditions. So we can have it in things that we had never considered before.

At Christmas the cold is fought with honey

At Christmas, throwing a blanket over and sticking to the stove as much as possible while we watch Christmas movies is not the only way to relax to combat the cold in winter..

A coffee with honey is one of the many hot drinks that we can drink to combat the cold at Christmas.

Also by adding honey instead of sugar, we will get a different flavor and great health benefits that refined sugar will never give us.

Whether it is Christmas or any other date, during the afternoon it is not uncommon for us to get some fatigue and the low temperatures do not help to remedy it, a tea sweetened with honey will give us energy to keep going and in turn will help us fight the cold.

We also find ourselves at Christmas, or any other time of the year, with the situation that when it is time to sleep there is no way to get it, in these cases an infusion such as linden for example, with some honey will help us fight the cold and relax. our mind.

Not everything will be hot drinks, what we eat is very important in the cold months, if we do not have enough energy it will be impossible for our body to fight the cold of Christmas.

Many Christmas desserts that sweeten Christmas are loaded with honey and give us the necessary energy to fight the cold, some very classic examples are almond nougat, marzipan and honey cookies.

To combat the cold, we can also find traditional savory dishes at Christmas that are not the same without honey, we have as an example the turkey stuffed with couscous, a typical Menorcan dish whose filling has honey as its main ingredient.

girl eating honey

Celebrate Christmas with honey

Not everything is fighting the cold at Christmas with hot drinks or good meals, they are dates to celebrate and here honey can sneak in in many ways.

After the Christmas dinners come the gatherings with friends and family, that is a perfect time to have some cocktails, here the classic margarita can stand out with a honey-based recipe that will surprise everyone.

So that the little ones also enjoy that Christmas moment, some healthy fruit smoothies sweetened with honey are sure to brighten up their night.

christmas with honey

Honey also helps us at Christmas

There are many benefits that honey can also bring us at Christmas, here are some very interesting ones.

  • Honey helps us with the digestion of heavy Christmas meals.
  • El poder antioxidante de la miel, la navidad es un momento de excesos y hay que prevenir.
  • The antioxidant power of honey, Christmas is a time of excess and we must prevent.
  • Helps hydration, if you are to celebrate Christmas a lot, honey is essential.
  • Relieves a sore throat, with the thermal changes that we endure at Christmas, honey is not very helpful.
  • Honey is a great ointment for the treatment of burns, if you always have to take the tray out of the oven this will interest you.
christmas with honey

And the bees they make at Christmas?

Surely you have never seen a bee during the cold seasons, this is because they prefer an average temperature of 20ºC, and since they cannot migrate they have to take shelter to combat the cold.

To combat the cold and to be able to maintain an average temperature of 20ºC, the bees concentrate in the center of the hive, forming a thermal barrier with their bodies, it could be said that they spend Christmas as a family.

On the other hand, bees do not need to leave the hive for food, throughout the winter they have stored the necessary food for the months in which it is time to fight the cold.

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