The History of MAES HONEY

The effort, persistence and a tradition which has involved the last four generations of the Redondo family. Have been key for over a century, allowing MAES HONEY to grow from being a family business to the largest honey packager in Spain. Working to care for the naturalness of the honey.

The beginnings: The Redondo family started beekeeping with great-grandfather César buying his first 10 hives.
Honey as barter: Due to the war, honey is used as a barter currency.
The family increases their hives and makes beekeeping their profession.
The Family increases the number of hives to 1,000 industrialists and abandons the cork hives
They begin to carry out the beekeeping transhumance with trips to Extremadura to collect pollen and Eucalyptus honey.
Buy-Sell: Cecilio begins trading with bulk honey
The Redondo family reaches 2,000 hives
They build the first ship in Aldeatejada and leave Valero, improving their geographical position.
Cecilio creates his first artisanal honey packing machine.
Jump to the honey packing industry: They install the first pasteurization plant and make the jump to the honey packing industry.
Starts selling honey in Germany, the company’s first export.
The sale and export of honey is expanded throughout Europe.
CONEXCAL – Consortium to sell in Arab countries
New packing plant: The construction of the new honey packing plant with 7,600 m2 begins.
An innovative cold honey processing system is installed.
Quality certifications are obtained – IFS / BRC / FDA
The packaging lines are expanded to increase the production of the 1 kg glass honey jar.
Name change to Maes Honey
3 new PET container formats, with an anti-drip system.
We installed the processing and packaging plant to commercialize Monofloral and Cream honeys.
2 high-production automatic PET packaging lines are assembled.

Vision: creating a Leader

First of all, to become the leading provider of honey in the sector, standing out for our export activity. On the other hand, we are among the ten largest honey packers in Europe, present in 40 countries and processing more than 10,000 tons of honey.

The vision of a leader

To be recognized as a leading company at a technological level, with the highest quality standards and with a unique product and service.

Mission: Satisfy our customers with products that adapt to their needs

Produce products of the highest quality, generating competitive advantages for our clients in different international markets.

In the first place, incorporating the most advanced technology and generating an easy, fast and effective customer relationship. Therefore, offer a healthy food, which maintains the traditional and artisan character of the beginnings.

And exceeding the strictest quality standards, for the most exquisite palates located anywhere in the world.

Guarantee a product and service of the highest quality and foster relationships based on business excellence, security and trust.

Values: the basis of our Future

Our values ​​unite and guide us. Therefore, our path to success is based on professionalism, responsibility, commitment, flexibility, innovation, honesty, and trust. In addition to our entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork and results orientation.

Therefore, the main member of the MAES Honey family is our client. As a consequence, exceeding your expectations has been our goal since the company’s inception in the early 1900s.

Corporate responsability

At MAES HONEY we have always been aware of the problems in our environment. All of our business activity is based on firm ethical principles that are based on integrity, quality and sustainability.

Knowing the importance of our greatest treasure and its current situation. Therefore, we support different causes that promote respect for responsible beekeeping, bees and the environment.

Maes Honey Collaborations

In addition, we regularly collaborate with different associations and organizations such as the Food Bank, Pyfano Association, University of Salamanca, etc. As a result, we do our bit to achieve a better society.

Quality: we are committed to the quality and safety of our products.

At MAES HONEY we work every day to guarantee the highest quality to our clients. Therefore, we try to exceed the expected expectations. In order to offer this guarantee, both in flower honey and forest honey, the product is taken care of from the purchase of honey until it reaches the consumer optimally.

All the analytical control of the product is carried out in external laboratories specialized in honey, such as: Applica Intertek Food Services GmbH and EUROFINS.

Certifications that certify quality

To ensure that our clients receive a product in optimal conditions, from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of honey, all selection, reception, production and dispatch processes are subject to strict and rigorous control.

For this reason, there are supplier certification processes, sampling, quality controls, production, packaging,… thus making MAES HONEY the Spanish honey company with the highest certifications: BRC, IFS, Kosher, FDA and Halal.

Our team: MAES HONEY's most valuable heritage

The main asset of MAES HONEY is its excellent human team. First of all, we form a professional, young and dynamic team, committed to the mission and vision of the company. Therefore, we are dedicated to building a close relationship of trust with our clients.

For this reason, our goal is to attract talent and convey the emotion of being part of a unique centennial family company, with a worldwide presence and international recognition.

We are always looking for the best professionals to join MAES HONEY. We are committed to the continuous training of our staff by offering complete career plans.

If you are motivated, dynamic, proactive and excited to develop your professional career in a family business but with an international scope, do not hesitate to send us your Curriculum Vitae to, indicating which area of ​​activity (Technical, Production, Quality , Commercial, R + D + i, etc) is of your interest. The data provided will be treated completely confidential.