We are already well into Christmas. A time of excesses, endless and unhealthy binges, also accompanied by winter and cold, which means flu, cough and general discomfort.

But Christmas also brings with it good wishes and the spirit of solidarity that we all carry within.

For this reason, for the cold, excesses, health and the Christmas spirit, comes our honey. Healthy and supportive honey. A perfect honey for these dates.

Why take honey at Christmas?

We can create thousands of recipes with honey as an ingredient

Honey is one of the basic ingredients in cooking and baking. It is super rich in nutrients that help the body stay energized.

If you want to give a different touch to your dishes at Christmas meals, we recommend using Maes Honey in your dishes and you will notice the difference.

It has many benefits

Honey is a food with great antibacterial potential and a natural source of antioxidants.

In addition, it allows us to naturally sweeten our food. It also has moisturizing potential and helps in treating wounds and burns.

Among the best known benefits of honey is that it is anti-inflammatory, relieves cough and sore throat. It is a great natural remedy that helps take care of your health with just one teaspoon a day.

It is very good for bees

Hive over-harvesting methods and overuse of pesticides are killing bees. At Maes Honey we always let nature act on its own and we are mere supervisors of the process, always taking care of the bees.

Give honey for Christmas

Such a natural, healthy and supportive gift is always a magnificent gift. And not because it’s Christmas. Any excuse is good to give honey. What we do assure you is that you will look great.

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