There are multiple properties of honey. Not only when consumed, it is also used in a variety of beauty treatments and medicinal applications. Honey and winter.
But in winter, when it is so cold, honey becomes an essential product to keep our health at bay.
Honey is good to protect the liver from medication and an unbalanced diet. In addition, it prevents fatigue and attacks stress. Regarding our respiratory system, honey with lemon is the best remedy to cure throat and cough problems. On the other hand, it prevents constipation, regulating intestinal transit.
Applied externally honey softens our skin and improves its general condition, hydrates it, fights acne and premature aging. There are endless natural recipes with honey that mixed with other foods serve to moisturize and regenerate our skin.

Healing powers of honey

Among the healing powers of honey: antiseptic, invigorating, soothing, laxative, diuretic and bactericidal, among other therapeutic applications. In addition, it is ideal for disinfecting wounds.
We must also emphasize that it is a stimulant of the immune system. Improves brain function and reduces metabolic stress.
It supposes an extraordinary source of energy, so in low periods of defenses as it happens to us in winter, it becomes a fundamental food in our diet.