Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it will give you energy for the whole day. Therefore, remember to add honey in your mornings. At least take a spoonful.
You can choose the honey that you like the most. If you are sweet and you like a sweet taste with floral aromas, we recommend flower honey. If on the other hand you are a follower of stronger flavors, do not hesitate, your honey is that of molasses, popularly known as forest honey.
In addition, it is a millennial product. Our ancestors knew its importance and had honey very present in their lives. In fact bees have always been highly respected for their importance in the environment and for their sweet nectar

Properties of honey in our body.

Honey has numerous properties, being a very complete product and which you will enjoy due to its flavor.

  • Provides vitamins.
  • Provides mineral salts.
  • Metabolizes food to have energy throughout the day.
  • Helps neurons.
  • Produces enzymes homone and proteins.
  • Prevents colesterol in the arteries.
  • Protects the circulatory and nervous sistema and strengthens the inmune system
  • Does not provide empty calories.
Healthy breakfast

There are multiple healthy and natural breakfasts that you can take with honey, but today we recommend a bit of yogurt, with pieces of seasonal fruit and honey My Hives. Have fun looking for other alternatives, there is a wide variety of combinations and products that are delicious with honey. Some products with which you can get delicious combinations is with fruit, nuts, natural juices, milk or oatmeal. In addition, a touch of sweetness and flavor is ideal to start the day.
Think of you. Think about your health and add honey to your normal diet. So taste our honey! Sure you will need it in your life

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