From Maes all our best wishes on this special day. Congratulations and may the love for things well done remain dormant in our lives. We constantly work for it, because all of you are speciall for us. For all that, Happy Valentine’s Day.

And don’t forget to spread sweetness

Remember that today is a perfect day to spread sweetness, and what better way than with Bonapi honey? And there are multiple ways to enjoy our honey with who else you love. You can start by sharing honey for breakfast, or maybe a fantastic dessert during the meal, also in the afternoon with a tea. And for the end of the day a massage with Bonapi polyflower honey, it will be very relaxing and very usefull for your skin. There are many perfect moments to sweeten. You can choose any one you can think of!

Did you know…

that the origin of Valentine goes back to the 3rd century in Rome? Since a priest decided to secretly marry the soldiers, this act is honored throughout the world in different ways. It is true that not every country is celebrated on the same day, but the important thing is to celebrate the triumph of love. And above all, remember that it should not be a single day, every day of the year we must have a sweet spirit, wanting to squeeze the day to the fullest
Another curiosity is that Valentine means “the thing about bravery”, related to strong, fearless and courageous people

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