From Maes Honey we want to thank the trust of our customers and suppliers that they have placed in us throughout the year 2020.

We have received great support from our suppliers, as it has not been easy to fight against the adversities that occurred with Covid-19.

During this year, when the pandemic began, we encountered transportation difficulties. There were those who had to stop, for the beekeepers it was not easy to go to the hives, also the weather did not help … But nevertheless, everyone has worked very hard to help us, so that we did not stop our production and the clients had the product in their hands.

Clients have trusted us and of course we had to respond satisfactorily to their trust. Each country has had its circumstances, so the deliveries and the forecasts in the supermarkets were complicated.

From Maes Honey we have been in constant alert to be able to help them in everything possible. The mutual collaboration has meant that despite such an unusual year we can only have words of thanks.

We are closing 2020 with good figures, and given this year it has not been easy. Our entire team has been exceptiona

Thanks to all of you who have trusted us, thanks for all the words of satisfaction towards our products that make us have more strength every day to be at the foot of the canyon, to make our honey continue to reach all homes.

Our best wishes this season and in the new year that is about to begin.

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