Christmas is approaching and with it the purchases of gifts for this time. But the best gift is to share these days (and the rest of the year) with those you love. In short, sweeten the people around you. But neither is a detail, we propose you to give honey to sweeten the lives of others.

Give honey and sweeten the lives of others

There are great reasons to give this healthy product. Honey provides vitamins, protects us from colds and flu, has antioxidants, is antimicrobial and antiseptic, is antibacterial, contains protein, contains vitamins, serves for burns … there are many benefits of honey. Your health will thank you for consuming it.
It is a product for all tastes. There are sweeter and more bitter honeys, everything depends on the flower from which it comes.
In addition, with honey you can make hundreds of recipes to enjoy at Christmas. Among the most typical are honey cookies with multiple shapes (Christmas tree, snowman, stars …) that we can even place in our tree. On the one hand they become an element of decoration. On the other hand they are the delight of the little ones.
This Christmas, give sweetness. Give honey. Give ‘Mis Colmenas’ honey

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