This weekend the Torrelavega honey and apiculture Fair took place. Where else to have in person the excellent honey of flowers of the country, has also had its prominence the Spanish forest honey that has just been cut.
And of course we could not miss this annual appointment. So our shopping director, Laura Maillo, has attended to share this day with beekeepers in Spain. They have been able to talk about the problems of bees, meteorology and even international markets.
At the fair, nothing has been missing. There have been interesting talks on the cause of the beekeeper, apitherapy and even contest of desserts with honey.

Spanish Forest Honey

Despite not being an easy year because the weather has not accompanied as expected from MAES HONEY we are working hard with beekeepers so that the best Spanish honey reaches all corners of the world. The harvest is not the desired but this gives us more strength so that customers appreciate our work.
The quality of our honey is excellent, providing unique flavors to the market. Our forest honey is ideal for the harsh winter that is approaching. Who does not want a hot drink accompanied by forest honey?