The formation of the new generations is something that we must all have in mind. It is important to educate in schools. Children should not only learn about the subjects, but also about values and know what to do to improve the future.
Education is childhood is vital. Being the way that good practices remain in the consciousness of the adult of tomorrow. But of course, they should be explained in a way appropriate to their age. With dynamics and getting the subject interesting.In addition, it must be borne in mind that education does not end in schools. At home values must be reinforced. Because among all of us we will get our descendants to enjoy a world full of biodiversity and happiness.

Proyecto educa

In Salamanca we like to participate in the Educa project of the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca. It is an interesting initiative in which we go to schools to talk about the exciting world of honey and bees. In a society where children do not go to the countryside, it is important that they know about the pollinating work of bees. Besides, we explain who the beekeepers are. And of course, how bees work and their roles. They also discover how honey reaches their homes. We love discovering them how the best honeys are selected. They also watch videos of how it is packaged. They discover that there are honeys with different colors and flavor. And as a final culinary enjoy a tasting, to sweeten the day.
Any school in the city can contact at the following link:

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