MAES Honey, the leading company in the manufacture and export of honey from Salamanca, has recently made the news in La Gaceta, thanks to the renewal of the certifications that confirm the maximum guarantee of quality of its products.

In this way, MAES Honey has renewed the IFS and BRC certificates, through which the excellence of its products is recognized in relation to its production process and its commercialization. Both qualifications are of great importance for the company, taking into account its exporting nature. Also, these certifications corroborate its position as one of the 10 largest honey packers in Europe.


On the one hand, IFS certification is based on European standards, and analyzes aspects such as excellence in resource management, planning, corporate social responsibility or the management of quality regulations. 

For its part, the BRC certificate is based on the application and development of standards worldwide, which is why it has a much greater impact. Specifically, this certification takes into account aspects such as the safety of the honey or the transparency of the company, both from the organizational point of view, and in relation to the management of the product and its commercialization. 

Likewise, both have been obtained with qualifications of the highest quality; which gives MAES Honey a seal of excellence, which very few companies in the sector can access.  

These certifications join others already obtained previously, such as FDA, Halal or Kosher. Obtaining all these certifications ensure the viability of MAES to compete in the international market, as well as its presence in 30 different countries. 

Other recent awards

On the other hand, the Export Director, Enrique Santero, has recently received the Award for the Best Export / Internationalization Executive, at the VII Awards for the Best Executive of Castilla y León Económica.  

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