We renew the BRC with excellence rating

Once again we renew our BRC certification V.8 at MAES HONEY.We are proud to offer the best guarantees to our customers. This certification makes clear the safety of our honey and the requirement of our equipment.Additionally, we also offer IFS, FDA, Kosher and Halal quality certifications.In addition, it corroborates...

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Honey to fight autumn

Today the Autumn season begins. We say goodbye to our beloved Summer, but welcome a time to collect food such as nuts such as nuts, almonds and chestnuts. We also have other products such as apples, pumpkins, mushrooms, figs. Together with cauliflower, persimmons, custard apples, pomegranates, figs, tangerines, quince,...

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Salamanca is reactivated, with Maes Honey

Press article of “Salamanca is reactive” with César Redondo, CEO of Maes Honey. Salamanca is reactivated, with Maes Honey. “We’ve always been highly demanding with all the honey we sell”, says Maes Honey’s manager. César Redondo explains the situation of international markets and the relationship of its new product...

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Does honey have an expiration date?

Sometimes we discard certain foods when we see that the expiration date indicated on the package has arrived. But have these products really expired? Very few foods are immune to the passage of time, which do not have an expiration date. Among them we find salt, sugar, rice and...

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Cream honey, character "gourmet"

Another way to enjoy the taste and properties of sweet honey. Character “gourmet”. Cream honey, with its special flavor, is presented in a different way. It has a creamy texture ideal for spreading in addition to a very pleasant texture on the palate, capable of delighting the most demanding...

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salsa de mostaza y miel

Cooking with honey for summer

Spring-summer salad with mustard and honey. Cooking with honey for summer. That honey is one of the essential ingredients in cooking and pastry we will not discover it now. We use it in many ways, but today we show you an idea to cook with honey one of the...

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pan integral de miel

Discover honey as an ingredient

Recipe for wholemeal bread with honey in 60 minutes Discover honey as an ingredient. Making this wholegrain bread of soft and fluffy honey will only take 60 minutes. And it’s pretty much the most amazing bread I’ve ever tasted. I’m sure you’ll be surprised, it’s a wholemeal bread with...

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monofloral honeys

Monofloral honeys: characteristics and types

Depending on the time of year in which we are or the type of nectar used, bees are capable of producing a multitude of different varieties of honey, such as monofloral and polyfloral honeys.  Currently, most of the honeys that we consume are polyfloral, that is, they are made...

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