honey winter

Benefits of consuming honey in winter

Throughout history, honey has been linked as a key ingredient, in which it was said that it could be a mixture of edible gold with other ingredients. The World Health Organization recommends that consuming honey in winter can prevent or lessen the effects of colds, and the simplest cough....

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Honey at Christmas

Honey is our ally on these dates to be able to take care of ourselves. It is also much more present than we think, especially in our traditions. So we can have it in things that we had never considered before. At Christmas the cold is fought with honey...

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miel mois froids

Honey in the cold months

The cold reaches our homes, and honey in the cold months can be a real treasure to combat it in this period of the year. Why? Honey contains multiple benefits for our body, which is why it becomes a great ally against the cold. At this time of year,...

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honey bee

Honey bee: uses and benefits

Humanity has been consuming honey bee for thousands of years for its abundant nutritional and medicinal benefits. It is an excellent substitute for natural sugar and a great source of carbohydrates such as glucose. Honey bee is also composed of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes that can...

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Honey: What are its therapeutic uses?

Therapeutic honey has been the subject of study for many years by scientists and botanists. It has always been considered as an antioxidant product, which protects and helps to strengthen our body. It is also known for being a natural sweetener and for its beneficial properties, but can it...

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Miel contra el resfriado

Does honey work against colds?

Honey stands out for being a food rich in vitamins and with a great antioxidant power, which helps to protect and strengthen the body. Thus, its use extends far beyond that of being a simple natural sweetener. Therefore, the truth is that there are numerous studies that analyze and...

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forest honey

Forest honey: properties and benefits

Honeydew or forest honey has numerous properties that provide multiple benefits to our health. Among its properties, its powerful antioxidant effect stands out, as well as its high proportion of mineral salts. Below we will tell you what are all the properties and benefits of forest honey, so that...

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Honey makes you fat

Honey makes you fat, right or myth?

Honey is a healthy alternative to most artificial sweeteners. Because of its taste, sweeter than sugar, there is a belief that bee honey fattens, is that true? Next we will discuss the nutritional values ​​of honey, its comparison with sugar and whether or not it is true that honey...

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honey for hair

Honey for hair: properties and benefits

Did you know that honey can be a great ally for our hair? The truth is that the uses and benefits of this delicious food go far beyond its use in the kitchen. Without a doubt, honey is a product that has numerous beneficial properties, which contribute to the...

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