miel mois froids

Honey in the cold months

The cold reaches our homes, and honey in the cold months can be a real treasure to combat it in this period of the year. Why? Honey contains multiple benefits for our body, which is why it becomes a great ally against the cold. At this time of year,...

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honey export

Maes Honey leads the export of honey in Spain

With more than 100 years of experience, Maes Honey has become the leading honey export company in Spain. Values ​​such as perseverance, effort and tradition have been key to achieving this position. Leaders in the export of honey For 20 years, Maes Honey has been exporting honey to more...

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Maes Honey

Maes Honey, get to know our company

At Maes Honey we have been master beekeepers since 1910. The effort, perseverance and a tradition that involves the last four generations of the family have been the keys for more than a century for the company to have gone from being a family business to one of the...

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Maes Honey, líderes en exportación de miel

Maes Honey: leaders in honey exports in Spain

One more year we managed to be leaders in honey exports in Spain. Although 2020 has been an extremely atypical year and has been full of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, Maes Honey has sold more than 8.5 million kilos of honey. For yet another year, Maes Honey’s...

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El negocio de la miel en Europa

The honey business in Europe

The honey business in Europe has increased in recent years. Honey is a natural food and this, added to the global demographic increase since a large part of the population is inclined towards healthy foods and not industrially manufactured, led to the consumption of the most famous product made...

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The most valuable heritage of MAES

The most valuable heritage of MAES HONEY is its team. And we care that the whole team feels part of the family. Because of this, last night we shared a pleasant evening where we took stock of 2,016. 2017 While we shared laughter, sweetness and enthusiasm to continue in...

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Interview with César Redondo, director of Maes Honey

The “General Foundation of the University of Salamanca” has interviewed our general director, César Redondo. He has been interested above all in the balance of 2017 and the outlook for this 2018. Interview with César Redondo, director of Maes Honey. César Redondo explains the change of name of Maes, previously Feyce....

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SIAL, exporting honey from Spain

We have returned from SIAL Paris and after recapitulating all that we have lived we have taken stock. It has been a very intense day, where the hours passed without realizing it. But despite the fatigue we come with the batteries charged thanks to all of you. SIAL, exporting honey...

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MAES HONEY exports 76% of Salamanca's honey

MAES HONEY is consolidated as a leader in the export of honey in Castilla y León. The end of 2,018 has been difficult for the apicultural sector in Spain. In spite of this, it has been demonstrated that with his effort and perseverance he has returned to get his...

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