Miel para sector Horeca

Honey for the Horeca sector

At Maes Honey we have a wide range of formats specially designed for the HORECA line (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering). The properties and benefits of a food like honey are widely known to most cooks. We are facing one of the best and healthiest natural sweeteners. Its flavor combines...

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detalle miel cuchara

The honey business in Europe

The honey business in Europe has increased in recent years. Honey is a natural food and this, added to the global demographic increase since a large part of the population is inclined towards healthy foods and not industrially manufactured, led to the consumption of the most famous product made...

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alimentaria 2018

Interview with César Redondo, director of Maes Honey

The “General Foundation of the University of Salamanca” has interviewed our general director, César Redondo. He has been interested above all in the balance of 2017 and the outlook for this 2018. Interview with César Redondo, director of Maes Honey. César Redondo explains the change of name of Maes, previously Feyce....

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Maes Honey expands its packaging lines

The newspaper “La Gaceta” has published a story about the improvements being made by Maes Honey: “Maes Honey expands its packaging lines”  Main points of the improvements in the honey packaging line: -It plans to invest 750,000 euros to update its packaging lines. On the one hand, although there are...

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maes covid

"Covid-19 highlights our efficiency"

Press article with Maes Honey director, César Redondo. “Covid-19 highlights our efficiency,” says Maes Honey’s director, … “providing a quick customer response.”In these times of uncertainty we live in, Maes Honey has faced the health, business and human crisis that Covid-19 has caused. The main exporter of honey, with...

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