Types of hives

All about the different types of hives.

Do you know the different types of existing hives? Do you know which are the most used? Next we will enter you into the curious world of bees, where you can learn a little more about their habitat. What are hives? The place where bees live is called a...

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honey on the face

The benefits of honey on the face

Beyond its culinary use, honey has multiple beneficial properties that make it a very useful ingredient for taking care of the skin, and especially the skin of the face. Thus, we can see the use of honey as a base ingredient in many cosmetic products, such as creams, gels...

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Differences between hive and honeycomb

Honey is a delicious delicacy made by the bees in their hive. But do you know the difference between a hive and a honeycomb? Do you know why honeycombs are hexagonal? Many times there is confusion between both concepts, so in this post we will show you the difference...

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light honey

Differences between light and dark honey

Today we can find in the market an infinity of different varieties of honey with very varied characteristics and properties. Thus, we can find honeys with aromas, ranging from subtle to intense sweet or fruity aromas; flavors ranging from mild to bitter; and colors that can change from clear...

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miel cristalizada

Why does honey crystallize?

Today we can find on the market a wide variety of honeys with different colors, aromas and properties. In this way, we can also find cases in which the honey is not liquid, but is crystallized. Do you know why honey crystallizes? Next, we show you why this process...

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uses of honey

Different uses of honey

Honey has been used since ancient times, to treat all kinds of conditions in the body. In fact, thanks to the existing medical evidence on its properties, this natural ingredient is one of the few natural remedies accepted by the medical community. Here we show you what are the...

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The moisture of honey

The humidity level when bees collect nectar from flowers is around 80%. Throughout the process of collecting the nectar and making the honey, this percentage is reduced to below 20%. Next, we show you everything you need to know about the humidity of honey, and how to identify it....

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collect honey

How to collect honey from the hive

Honey is collected through a very complex and elaborate artisan process. Therefore, this must be carried out by beekeepers who have a certain experience and knowledge. Next, we show you what the honey harvesting process consists of, a fundamental part of the honey production. Methods for collecting honey There...

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Honey as a substitute for sugar

There are many options to sweeten an infusion or a dessert, and we will surely wonder which is the healthiest, or the least harmful to health. Among them we can find honey. Honey is, in fact, another form of sugar. Although it has the same basic composition as other...

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Cómo conservar la miel

How to preserve honey correctly

Honey is a staple in many kitchens and is a useful sweetener for both food and drink. The good news about honey is that it is a very durable food and is very easy to store. Even if it starts to crystallize, there is a very easy way for...

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