Carnival, sweet carnival. What a wish of your arrival. As we expected these days in which joy overflows in every corner. We love happy and sweet moments like our honey. And of course, start this party with a spoonful of honey flowers ‘Las Abejas’ will make you have perfect days. And as a suggestion, dare to disguise yourself as a bee

Origin of Carnival

Carnival has an origin of permissiveness and lack of control, because sometimes it is necessary to disconnect from so much routine. In fact, it is believed that the real origin is much deeper than the current disguises and chirigotas, because at present the streets are filled with colors, masks, parades, … and a spirit of sweetness and honesty. The goal is to have fun together.
According to the tradition, these dates arose because of religion, because it is celebrated before the Lent of Christina. And it was a day of lack of control. Being therefore of pagan origin. In fact some historians believe that the beginning dates back to Sumer and ancient Egypt. With celebrations similar to those they did for Baco. That is, it is more than 5000 years old. And from far away lands the celebration was extended to Europe. And later came to America for the sailors.
Begin these days with a spoonful of honey flowers The Bees will make you have perfect days.

Carnival in Spain

In Spain it is celebrated throughout the country, but it is true that there are more prominent cities. For us the closest thing is Salamanca, specifically we find the town of Ciudad Rodrigo, where the bulls run (like the San Fermines), and the party does not decay all week. In Cadiz, for example, the battles of chirigotas are famous. In some they deal with current issues, being a satire before the current problems. And Tenerife should not miss to see their parades and meet the queen of the carnaval.

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