Happy and sweet Father’s Day


Happy and sweet Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world on different dates. In Spain the day chosen is March 19, in honor of San José.

Happy and sweet Father’s Day from Maes. Especially today we dedicate these lines to him for Father’s Day.

Our hearts are full of feelings for many people in our lives. So, on this important date as Father’s Day, we must express them because we do not know when we will have another opportunity to do so. Fathers, together with mothers, give us life. They take care of us, they educate us, they worship us. That’s why they deserve everything.

That’s why they deserve everything.In this way, Father’s Day is a good opportunity to express all love and respect for parents. Despite the hard times for the events that surround us, we want to sweeten this day with our support and affection for all the parents of the world. Thank you all.


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