Today on World Nature Day we want to highlight the importance of bees in the ecosystem. Pollination is its most prominent function, the vast majority of the food that we consume is thanks to such pollination. Since they spread the pollen so that the plants reproduce. And of course, we cannot forget about making such delicious honey. Therefore, we are lucky with them.
As you know, we must bet on taking care of natural environments, because without them, we could not live. They provide us with fresh air, allow animals to live in an appropriate enclave and provide a great variety of fauna and flora. For this reason, take care of bees.

Importance of bees in our ecosystem

If bees disappeared with them, a large number of crops would disappear and there could be a shortage of food.
That is why when we talk about nature we must highlight the great work that our friends do. Because they are an important link to take care and repair our natural environment.
On this day, we suggest you look for a beautiful place outside the city routine. There, you can soak up the relaxation that brings a beautiful landscape that follows its life cycle. You will enjoy the nature.
When collecting pollen to make honey, they transport it together with the seeds from one plant to another. This cycle is essential for fertilization and biodiversity.
They do a great job for all of us. We must remember this to care for and protect them.
They are a great example of community. Being also, very hardworking and faithful to their companions. Many cultures have considered hives as the perfect community.
Let’s take care of the planet! Take care of the bees! Future generations deserve a future full of biodiversity and a good ecosystem.

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