This summer 2020 comes loaded with unknowns and uncertainty.

And summer is here, in this “special” 2020. The Covid-19 has changed us, but the most important thing is that, as far as possible, normal life can be made in July and August.
Many of us look forward to finally taking the long-awaited vacation. Of course, this year they seem to be a little different. The plans can be varied, so it takes organization, prudence and the desire to make summer one of the most fun and different times of the year. The key, listen to recommendations and advice and enjoy family, friends and yourself.
At Maes we continue to work for you to continue enjoying this summer 2020.
From spring to midsummer, bees make the most of the honey flowers to store their honey.High temperatures during the summer are a major stress factor in bee hives. These need water to cool the hive, as the temperature inside must remain around 35o, so that the wax honeycombs do not deteriorate. The structure of the honeycombs itself is jeopardized as the wax softens and also puts the lives of the young at risk. These are seen in the need to fight to protect their nest, which forces them in addition to a common over-effort, to neglect other activities.
We must help and care for our little friends because they are essential in the cycle of life. Like human beings, their fellowship and joint effort are essential to life and common well-being.
And summer is here, in this “special” 2020. Let’s try to enjoy them all in the best way possible. Caution and responsibility.

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