September is the Alzheimer’s Month, do not forget them. But it is important to keep this cause in mind throughout the year. There are many people affected throughout the world. And despite the studies that are done there is still no cure. Therefore, the importance of investment in research must be taken into account.
This disease was discovered in 1906 due to the strange brain tissue of a deceased woman. However, the cause remains unknown. Currently, people around the patient detect it due to loss of memory and disorientation. Later it evolves to loss of fluency in the language, difficulty of movements and need of constant help. Until finally it can not be worth it alone, leaving even to talk, move and recognize.

Alzheimer and the caregivers.

We must remember that as in all diseases, not only the patient suffers but their relatives or friends who are ultimately their caregivers. For their tireless task and the affection with which they treat the sick, while suffering to see how that person they love so much forgets who they are. And for this reason they also need our support.

Spanish Confederation of Alzheimer.

It is a non-governmental organization created in 1990 in Spain. They work to improve the quality of life of caregivers and patients with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
We recomend you to read their blog with news, advice or opinions of specialists and people who have passed these situations.
It has more than 83,130 members, 5,419 volunteers and 3,863 workers. That in addition to ensuring the sick and families, organize conferences, teach courses, fight to raise funds to investigate and seek a social commitment from the State. But always, carrying out actions transparently so that all members and those who support this cause know what is being done in each moment.

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