All sports are important and everyone has their followers but at this moment everyone is in the world famous football. For us it is a pleasure to see this international fellowship because sports bring countries closer and promote sweetness. In addition, we give you a tip: Accompany the sport with honey.

The soccer world cup

There are many initial surprises but it does not matter who the winner is, but the values that they promote. As the days progress, fewer teams are left, but this does not mean that interest is lost, there are many fans of this competition and many who support the sport.
In addition, it is an event that brings together families and friends. Taking advantage of this time to share time together, discuss opinions, and of course, so that feelings emerge as the games progress.

El fútbol en Salamanca

Our city is also celebrating because the two local teams have reached 2ºB. It has not been easy to get the promotion, but in the end the hard work gives its reward and this has made the two teams achieve their goal of promotion. Giving the fans that satisfaction so precious because there are many followers of these teams. Now we can only give both clubs our sincere congratulations and look forward to the next season. y

The honey and the sport

When playing sports it is important to remember the natural properties of honey. The reason for its importance is that a tablespoon of honey brings 17 grams of carbohydrates to our body. In addition, increases the resistance of the athlete, because apart from glucose provides levulose, mineral salts and vitamins. And because it is a natural product, the body assimilates it quickly.
Therefore, a home remedy to consume honey during exercise is adding a spoonful to the water that is taken. But it is also recommended to consume a spoonful after performing sports for recovery

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